Flat Bed/Flat silkscreen inkjet printing machine 平網噴墨絲印製網機

No need film, no need darkroom, printing to silk screen directly, high precision, working faster
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Flat Bed / Flat Screen Inkjet Screen-making Machine
Currently our machines use the world’s smallest 1.5 Pico liter ink drop, the micro-pressure / (Micro Piezo) printing technology.
Unique Micro Piezo print head miniaturizes the ink drop to an extreme 1.5 Pico liter size, with the diameter less than one-sixteenth of the hair. No more refinement is possible but the smallest detail can be perfectly printed with highest performance.
Latest multi-nozzle design improves the overall printing speed compared to previous designs. The new design gives four minutes per square meter printing speed.
Whole key components are made using Japanese Epson boards.
* Screen making type: Flat screen
* Screen making resolution:720 / 1440DPI
* Flat screen specification:1500mm – 6000mm
* Average Printing Speed: 4 minutes/sq meter screen
* Repetition resolution:±20 micron
* Resolution tolerance :±10 micron
* Nos. of nozzle:1440 – 2880
1. Environment temperature: 15-35 degree centigrade
2. Relative humidity: 40%-80%(20 degree centigrade)
3. The main machine needs vibration isolation. Installation flatness should meet the level of horizontal / lateral error 0.5 / 1000.
4. There should be no external magnetic field interference and corrosive substances nearby.
5. There are Two independent power supply routes : 50HZ 220V ± 5%,
6. Rated AC current should not be less than 30A 50HZ. 380V, AC Y Connections.
7. The enclosure of this machine needs a good grounding, with grounding resistance of≤4 Ω.
8. A clean room with minimal dust is required.
For Flatbed Inkjet Printing Textile in multicolor pls see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_SNOOIU26I

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